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Goodbye America!

Released 2017/06/09 by annalisawiechmann

We spent 22,79% of the year 2017 in the USA; or in other words 84 days or 1996 hours.

After a total of 12 weeks in the USA the time is come to leave our internship companies. The sad goodbye is only bearable of the thought of our loved ones waiting for us at home. But a goodbye is not forever, and as they say in Germany: you always meet twice in your life!

A long time one would think, but the time flew by and suddenly there were only 2 weeks left and then you realized: I’m flying tomorrow! Perhaps not straight home, as some of us continue their travels, but today was the last workday!

We have learned and experienced so much and have grown with our challenges!

We immersed in a new culture, have discovered, improved or expanded new talents, got to know new work methods and lifestyles, have gained new friends, had awesome experiences, learned more English and mastered challenges. We are more independent now, have learned so much about ourselves, and so much more!

We are all so thankful for this awesome time at the technical colleges and our internship companies. And we also all had time to experience and see a lot of place in the USA and to get to know the land and the people. While travelling we always encountered the cultural differences in the USA and could learn and experience a lot.


Our travels from the airports of our 3 internship locations: Atlanta, Detroit und Raleigh/Durham.

We just want to say THANK YOU!

Our first THANK YOU goes to the Joachim Herz Foundation – thank you for conducting such a great program and to give so many trainees, in the last and hopefully the future years, the opportunity experience the USA. Thank you for the organization and your continued support!

Our next THANK YOU goes to our internship companies in the USA! Thank you, that you welcomed us in your companies, showed us so much and helped us learn! We could gain so many impressions, so much experiences and learn new skills – this would not have been possible without your readiness to welcome us! We hope that you had as much a good time with us as we did and that you were able to benefit from our German experience as we could benefit from yours, as we are taking back so much from you to Germany!

Another big THANK YOU goes to our companies and vocational schools in Germany! Thank you, that you made it possible for us to participate in this program, and that you helped us through the application process, the preparation and our time in the USA!

THANK YOU  to our families, friends, fellow Azubis, colleagues, teachers and all the other, that supported us in our project, motivated us and stood by our side even with 7000 km between us. Your support means a lot to us and helped us even through difficult moments during our stay!

Also a big THANK YOU to our new friends in the USA, host families, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances…. Thank you for making this time unforgettable and to always be there for us and for all the time together! We will see each other again!!!


Interns 2017

This program opened so many doors, created new paths and made us learn so much about ourselves.

We fellows (Interns and KSU Students) have grown to a big group together and we are all looking forward to see each other again on July 7th, 2017 in Munich.

We say goodbye to our colleagues, friends and host families and look forward to a reunion (perhaps in Germany?) and will now end this blog.


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

released 2017/06/08 by krasilovski

Atlanta is an extremely versatile city and offers a wide range of leisure activities. Most of all, I loved the Atlanta Braves baseball and Atlanta Hawks basketball games, as well as Stone Mountain Park.

If the Braves or the Hawks have their home game in Atlanta, the stadiums are almost sold out and there is an exciting mood. The teams are cheered on by the numerous fans and the half-time break is an amazing show.

Stone Mountain is a stunningly large granite rock located in a park in suburban Atlanta. After approximately half an hour of climbing up the mountain, you are 500m above sea level, which offers you an amazing view of Atlanta. On certain days, there is a laser show projected directly onto the side of the mountain and the famous sculpture, accompanied by fireworks.


When the weather is good, it is worth to visit the state of Florida, just south of Georgia. Panama City Beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico and is easy to reach by car.  Panama City offers a lot of untouched nature and numerous beautiful beaches.

Another alternative in Florida (and my personal highlight for a trip) is Miami. In addition to the sensational white sandy beaches and very clear and warm water at the South Beach, Miami offers countless nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques. On the Ocean Drive, something going on 24/7, and it never gets boring. Miami Downtown is a short drive away. Here you are surrounded by an extravagant lifestyle and impressive architecture.

Best regards,


God bless America, our (temporary) home sweet home

released 2017/06/06 by langnercaro

Memorial Day is the most important U. S. federal holiday because “there would be no Independence Day without it.” Every year on the last Monday of May, a whole nation remembers the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Cindy, Julie and I were lucky to spend this memorable weekend first hand in the state’s capital – in Washington D. C. I think I speak for everyone if I say that this weekend will stay in our memory forever.


Our journey to Washington began at 5:00am on Saturday, 27th May when my host sister Michelle drove me to the airport. Michelle, if you ever read this, you’re the best! Not many would actually do this for me. After we eventually arrived in Washington around 9:00am, we took the Metro to our Airbnb in Bethesda where we were heartily welcomed by Karen and her husband. Both of them are German, too. They equipped us with some travel guides and we were set to go. On our first day, we visited all of the main sights: from the White House and the Washington Monument (which unfortunately is closed until 2019) to the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial where we discovered a bit of “home”. The memorial is dedicated to Americans who served in the armed forces during World War II. Each pillar is inscribed with the name of one of the 48 U. S. states of 1945 (Alaska and Hawaii only became US-states after the war). Of course, we took pictures in front of our home Georgia. The obelisk in the background, that’s the famous Washington Monument.


After a short refreshment stop at &Pizza – an absolute must when in Washington – we walked to the National Portrait Gallery where we admired photographs of the current exhibition “The Face of Battle: Americans at War, 9/11 to Now”. One floor higher there was an exhibition solely devoted to the life and legacy of John F. Kennedy, whose 100th birthday happened to coincide with Memorial Day. On the same day, we also visited the Ford’s Theater where the assassination of Abraham Lincoln took place in 1865.

To bring this eventful day to a close, we enjoyed the beautiful view over the city at the rooftop of the prestigious W Washington D. C. hotel, one of the finest hotels of the region. I’m not sure how we did that, but we managed to convince the doormen to let us take some pictures in the VIP section. Looking back, we couldn’t have been happier.


We started our second day with breakfast at a close by farmer’s market before we headed out to Georgetown. This district is especially known for its historic architecture and urban feel. Here we discovered cute little cafes and shops as well as the important shopping streets. Georgetown, by the way, is located near the Potomac River, so we of course had to take a walk alongside the river bank. Washington D. C. is considered to be the fittest city in the entire US. We can definitely approve that. People really stepped up their exercise game here. After a short, but intense rain shower we headed back towards downtown. We strolled down colorful streets in Chinatown before we arrived at the State Capitol, home of the state’s legislature. On the occasion of Memorial Day, PBS gave a free concert and while millions of people followed this event on television, we were right in the middle.

To quote Cindy: “This is the most beautiful experience I had in the states so far!”.


On Monday last week, the time had finally come: It was Memorial Day. The streets of city were filled with flags and pride. After a short visit to the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts we became part of the nationwide biggest parade along Constitution Avenue. The parade is a family friendly event, however, it reminded us of the true meaning of Memorial Day: To pay tribute to those who died in the war. Many people visit cemeteries and place an American flag on each grave. The flag of the United States is raised only to a half-staff position. I believe we could not have chosen a better weekend to visit the state’s political, economic and cultural center!


All the best,

Carolin, Cindy & Julie

My time at Indulor America LP.

released 2017/06/05 by annalisawiechmann

Today I can tell you about my internship abroad with the company Indulor America LP.
The ones who read my first blog entry already know in a way what we are doing at my company, the Aurubis AG. The ones who missed my blog entry are more than welcome to have a look below to explore what the Aurubis Buffalo is doing.


For all others, here is the shortened version:
I am Anna-Lisa Wiechmann, 20 years old and currently doing an apprenticeship in the most beautiful city in the world as a chemical technician and leading the youth and trainee representation at the Aurubis AG Hamburg.
As a chemical technician, one is multi functional capable: during our apprenticeship we learn about environment protection, get a basic-chemistry-training in the apprenticeship lab, an introduction for the manual steel and plastic treatment and learn a lot about lab techniques – professional handling of chemicals, microbiology and physics for the future relevant professional experience. But also the sections industrial- and process engineering for the industrial sector, information technology, techniques of measurement and control engineering, digital technique and plumbing trade, developing function plans, handling with storage-programmable logic controllers and process control systems are part of our apprenticeship program. Correspondingly our apprenticeship is as variegated as all these tasks.

On that point I’d like to really REALLY say thank you to my company, the Aurubis AG, and especially to all our training supervisors, our apprenticeship leaders and my navigator, Michaela Juschkus, who always support me and encouraged me to risk the step to leave and who did everything to make sure that I can go to the USA for three month! Also I want to pass a huge “Thank you” to Kay Lorenzen, the leader of the section chemistry at my vocational school (BS14 ITECH), who fought with me through all the documents, certificates and applications requested for my visa. Without you all, my time here wouldn’t have been possible for me and I am endlessly thankful that you all took the expenditure to support and help me!!

Upon arrival in the USA, I was able to first visit a Technical College in Macon, Georgia to get an impression of the American Educational system and spread information about our educational system; during a very interesting conversation which my point of view regarding our educational system changed in a way.

Afterwards, I visited the Kennesaw State University for a week which allowed me to experience the student life in the USA, made me able to take part in a lesson of Intercultural Competence Training and visit different companies with the KSU-group and asked a lot of questions.

The 2nd April was the day for me to fly to Raleigh/Durham in North Carolina. Here I would stay 10 weeks living in the university town Chapel Hill and working in Graham at the plant from Indulor America LP to complete my internship abroad.


Indulor America LP belongs to the Indulor-group which is known as a specialist for macromolecular chemistry. The family-owned, German company with its headquarter in Ankum in Lower-Saxony was founded in 1978 by Erwin Fengler. First the focus was the development of polymers for adhesives used in the construction industry. Nowadays, the core business is the development, production and marketing of polymers in the form of emulsions, solutions or as mass polymers. Indulor-group employs about 330 people and has a subsidiary company named Blankophor which produces optical brighteners, besides the three Indulor production sites in Bitterfeld (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany), Bramsche-Hesepe (Lower-Saxony, Germany) and Graham (North Carolina, USA). The Blankophors plant is located in Leverkusen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).

Before flying to the USA in March, I had the opportunity to visit the production site in Bramsche-Hesepe to gain a pre-impression of the company and meet Kristen Steinhaus, daughter of Erwin Fengler and CEO of Indulor. Already after visiting the plant I knew that my time abroad will be very informative as I work with inorganic chemistry during my apprenticeship and Indulor is busy in organic chemistry.


The construction of the plant in Graham was just completed and is led by Sebastian Fengler, son of Erwin Fengler and the first production was done in February 2017. According to that, I have the chance to experience the start phase of a new plant and learn a lot. The property is 13 acres big, while the production side covers about 19590 square feet and the warehouse about 27243 square feet. Right now there are 16 employees working for Indulor America LP.

As variegated as my apprenticeship in Germany is, so are my operations here in the USA: The first week I spent in the office building to get a feeling for the processing and the organization of the plant, before working in the quality lab. That allowed me to look around in the departments for sales and production planning and also take care of some little tasks.


In the quality control lab we analyze samples from the running production according to different parameters: pH value, viscosity, solid content, UV-index, film formation on glass, appearance, flow time – all has to be in a specific spectrum and documented. If values fall out of the spectrum we calculate the amount of additions, document them on a special sheet and hand this out to the operators who will do the additions as it is written down. After half an hour to an hour we get a new sample and analyze it again relating to all parameters. If the product is in the spectrum it will be approved by the lab and then pumped in the bulk storage or in IBC’s or directly in a truck-tank.  We store the samples at least for 6 month next to the lab. Afterwards, we create a CoA (Certificate of Analyses) which gets delivered with the product to the customer.

Moreover we analyze the incoming raw material in the lab whether it has the needed quality and compare our results with the CoA from the vendor.

Also I got to know the production processes and was able to place myself in the process control system quite fast and so was able to work independently. My colleagues always supported me and answered each of my questions. We were even able to improve things after these conversations. For now there are always three German employees additional at the plant to support, train, discuss problems and improvements and answer questions to the American colleagues in the start phase. I was able to help with that as well as not every German operator spoke English and so I translated between the Germans and the Americans.


As this plant is brand new and the continuous production is just starting we have some challenges to face which we can handle quite fast in our team and allows us to make long-lasting improvements. For now we are producing usual dispersion and resin solutions within operating in one shift.
The production of one batch dispersion requires different processing steps:
First the solid resin needs to be dissolved in the resin solution vessel . Therefore we need different chemicals and exactly follow the special process steps. Afterwards the resin solution gets polymerized in a reactor.


Herewith the exact adherence of the process steps as well as the accurate addition of the needed chemicals is essential. In the end the product gets applicable if adapted to the spectrum and conserved in the post reaction vessel. After the final approval the finished dispersion gets pumped to the bulk storage or in IBS’s or directly into a truck-tank.

A resin solution needs less process steps as a dispersion as it is just passing the resin solution vessel, gets adapted to the spectrum, conserved and filled. In the production side the operators run the vessels, document the progress, take the samples, add the additions, take new samples and pump the product according to the filling instruction.

My highlights during my internship have been the revision/restructuring of the recipes in cooperation with a German colleague as well as the planning of extensions and modifications with a German colleague in the production side.

The revision of the recipes was made to make them easier to understand and add a leitmotif because the American colleagues are just gaining experiences here. The new recipes have been directed to the quality department in Germany for approval and I am very curious what kind of reaction we will get. During the revision I was able to test myself how familiar I am with the process steps in America and in combination with her experience we were able to help and support each other and master this complex task.


The most demanding task was the planning of the conversions and extensions. Here I learned what one has to consider during the process and how one documents these plans.

One structural alteration measure is the integration of a mass flowmeter in a pipe to make the dosing even more accurate as it is right now. Therefore one has to consider more various things than one it expecting in the first place. Out of which material is the pipe? Do I need a flange connection or do I want to weld it? Which diameter do the connections need? Is the medium corrosive? Does the component need to be heat- or chemical resistant? Do we need to hang the component to the ceiling? Which volume flow is needed? To which pressure does the component has to be resistant to?

And there are even more questions one must consider during the planning. One documents this plans by using a method called isometric drawing. By doing this one creates a technical drawing which includes all details and dimensions as length, width, height. Die dimensions cross in a 60 degrees angle which allows you to get a 3D showing of the planned conversion including each component and detail. I never did an isometric drawing before but after some struggles in the beginning I was able to plan the second conversion on my own including the drawing and measuring.

Afterwards we took a look at the flow diagrams to make sure that the action can be realized as planned. After this was a given fact one is able to start getting offers by different manufacturers.


My second project was planning a new pipe with its own filter system for a special product which is not allowed to get in contact with other products. Therefore I localized the blind flange to which the new pipe should be connected in the future and started drawing the isometrics.  During drawing I had to consider a rinsing device and calculate the space as the existing pipes already need some space at the ceiling. After finishing my planning I conferred with the German colleague and after double-checking the plan I started measuring. The finished plan with the measurement was sent to Germany and gets prepared for the implementation.


2nd June 2017 was a special day for the Indulor family in Graham: The day of the opening celebration ceremony was there! From all over North America, South America and Germany retailers and employees visited the Siena Hotel in Chapel Hill. Even Erwin Fengler and Kirsten Steinhaus traveled from Germany to attend in the ceremony. The first guests arrived at 12 PM at the plant in Graham to attend a tour through the whole plant of the Indulor-group. After a warm greeting, they were showed around the plant, were able to ask questions and talk to each other. Afterwards there were snacks prepared in the entrance hall before a shuttle would drive the visitors back to the hotel at 4 PM. There, at the Siena Hotel, our celebration ceremony started two hours later with a welcome drink outside and live music. After that all 63 guests took their seats in the ballroom and Sebastian Fengler welcomed everyone and thanked for the numerous appearance. Also Erwin Fengler greeted the guests and had prepared a thought-provoking English speech and announced that Indulor will take part in a charity organization for destitute children in the USA. After the applause faded away slowly, the food got served. After that the location changed from our ballroom to the bar section. While leaving the ballroom everybody got a gift. At the bar we spent a long time and talked about various subjects. Slowly the evening faded into the night and the guests started to disappear. It was a nice party which perfectly fit chronologically into my internship end on 9th June as a sort of farewell event. I enjoyed the time, had some interesting conversations and met a lot new people.

During my internship I learned a lot and was so warmly welcomed in the company that the 10 weeks flew by as it would have been days and so I can’t believe that I only got a tight week left with my new colleagues before I will leave and fly to New York and then flying home. What I found here is a second home, wonderful people and amazing new friends! Moreover I made it to explore the USA during a road trip and got so many new impressions and gained so much experience! Sometimes it takes away my breath when I think about what these 3 month gave to me, what I was able to experience and how I personally grew and steadied during the time here.

At this point I would like to thank the Joachim Herz Foundation who got this project going and enables so many young apprentice to grow so much regarding the personality, the expertise and so many other aspects! I am very proud taking part in this project and want to thank especially Yulia Kozyrakis whose support we could always be sure of and who allowed us with her organizing ability to have a great, interesting and stress-free stay! Also I would like to thank Sally and Bruce who are definitely more than an Airbnb rather the best host family I could imagine and who welcomed me so warmly and took me with them to their family. We had very interesting conversations and I was able to learn very much from them!

Especially I want to thank my host company, Indulor, the corporate management and my colleagues here at Indulor America LP that you enabled me to do my internship with you, prepared me for my trip and supported me with my activities in the USA! I was so warmly welcomed there and I am very proud to be now in some way a member of the Indulor America LP family! I will never forget my time here with you and I will definitely visit y’all!


Best regards from North Carolina,


Internship at Kuehne + Nagel

released 2017/06/03 by azubijulie

I had the opportunity to do my internship at Kuehne + Nagel in Atlanta.  And it is unbelievable how fast the time has gone so far. Nine weeks ago I just started in the Air Import department and since then I was able to help my colleagues with their daily tasks. Checking for customs clearance, tracking shipments, doing delivery orders – there was always something for me to do. As I am doing an apprenticeship to become a shipping manager in Germany I already had some knowledge about ocean freight. Surprisingly, the differences between air and ocean freight is not that huge as expected. Most of the documents, terms and procedures are similar and that made it so much easier for me at the beginning.


However, there was still a lot for me to learn. Different internal working procedures, new customers and also the new system were quite challenging at first. But after some weeks it became so much easier. Then I helped out to cover for colleagues on vacation and took over some of their tasks. I have done delivery orders in the system, followed up current bookings and also checked with colleagues from other offices in the US.

All in all my internship at Kuehne + Nagel is a great experience! I learned a lot about logistics and also much more about the differences of German and American culture. Finally, I just want to say thank you for this unique experience to Kuehne + Nagel and all my amazing colleagues!

Best regards,


My time at Schaefer Container Systems!

released 2017/05/26 by cindykuhn

In Germany, I am absolving the second year of my apprenticeship as a Media agent for digital and print media at the local newspaper Frankenpost in Hof. In February 2018, I will be finished with my trainee program. Until that I am looking forward for my remaining time, because I really like my apprenticeship and I am looking forward to come back.

First, I would like to thank my company, that I could make my way to Atlanta and gained tons of experience and long lasting impressions! I am very happy and appreciative that I’ve got many support to make this happen.


Currently I am having the great opportunity to do a ten-week internship in Atlanta sponsored by the Joachim Herz Foundation. I have been here since mid-march and after my 2 weeks stay at a college worked  at Schaefer Container Systems North America. Unfortunately, my internship is nearly finished and the past 3 months were flying by.

Schaefer Werke belongs to the Schaefer group and is a German family owned business. The headquarter of the company is located in Salchendorf (Neunkirchen) a region of Siegen-Wittgenstein. The family business Schaefer is a group of different companies, such as Schaefer Werke, SSI Schaefer and the Schaefer Shop, with 8000 employees represented in 60 countries. Schaefer Werke was founded in 1937 by Fritz Schaefer and is operating in the steel industry. The manufacturing base is located at the “Pfannenberg” in Neunkirchen, early in the days used as a mine, other locations are in Betzdorf and in Ledeč nad Sázavou, Czeck Republic. All manufacturing areas at Schaefer Werke – EMW Stahl-Service-Center, Schaefer Lochbleche, Schaefer Streckmetall, Schaefer IT-Systems, Schaefer Industriegehaeuse, Schaefer Einrichtungssysteme, Schaefer Container Systems – are working with steel sheets and plates.

At Schaefer Container Systems, my main tasks are to support the inside Sales department with generating quotes and orders for customers and our outside sales team. To work with SAP was definitely an advantage for me as I never used the complex system in Germany before. Although SAP was in English, I learned the system quickly and were able to support my colleagues.

Furthermore, I had the chance to create a newsletter for the marketing department and to translate a manual from the German headquarter into English. I really liked these tasks. Besides I also got a closer look at their marketing and the necessary changes in the US compare to the German market. For instance, if you start a company in the US the size of the merchandising products and documents are different between the countries. The German sheets are bigger and narrower and the norm is different than in the US. Therefore, they are also too big for folder usage and unusable to give out to clients.

Two weeks ago, the CEO of Schaefer Container Systems, my American company, organized a meeting with Phil Bolton from Global Atlanta where I was able to attend a meeting. Global Atlanta relates to the news that affects Atlanta. The bigger News channels here are not publishing local news that much. On his web page, you can find Events in Atlanta, current news and weekly newsletters. The meeting with him was very interesting for me and I was glad to gain an insight on the American market.


I am incredibly thankful for this time and want to thank again the Joachim Herz Foundation for the great project  I was a part of! Furthermore, I also want to thank my colleagues at my American company, who made my internship even possible! Not to forget, the Staatliche Berufsschule III in Bamberg (vocational training school), who helped me patiently with filling out the forms and for excusing me at school during my 10-week internship.

The time in the US helped me to develop on a personal and professional level and gave me impressions within the American working life. I hope the program continuous in the future and other trainees will be given the possibility to use this chance in the next years and have the same great experience that I had.

Thanks for everything and kind regards,


Update BOSreleased 2017/05/25 by korbinianweigl

We’re all still enjoying our internship at BOS Automotive Products in Rochester Hills. After a few weeks we really feel we’re part of the Team. This week we have started with a new testing for luggage covers.

Korbi flex

After planning and choosing the materials we were about to start with the construction. The concept of our rig was “re-usability”. All the drilling and the measurements were standardized, so it was no problem to change any of the parts. This concept helped us a lot with our final modifications. After the Testing was set up, the luggage covers have been tested for 1000 times at any high and low temperature.

Lenni schleifen

Another project, we continued this week, was our other testing-tool from our first report. You use the testing-tool for measuring the force to open a sun shield in the car.
Right now the display only showed us the instant values of our force measurements.  But in order to have significant data, we had to think about a solutions, which provides us with data, like diagrams or curves. We figured out, that there was a plugin and play circuit board – the board and a laptop are connected with USB. A powerful software reads out the data and supplies you with all the data you need.

We are really looking forward to dealing with new challenges.

Best wishes,

Korbi, Max and Leonard

My Internship at Voestalpine

released 2017/05/22 by saschamelinz

Servus and Hello from sunny Georgia. My name is Sascha Melinz and I am from beautiful Munich. I am doing my apprenticeship at Maurer SE in Munich to become a construction mechanic.

Today I would like to report about my Internship at Voestalpine Automotive body parts Inc. The plant here in White is already under construction. The finished buildings are very new and modern. That is interesting to me, because I do my apprenticeship in a 150 year old plant in Munich.

Its sadly my last week here in White and I have seen a lot of exciting stuff here at the plant. For example, I have seen a 19 axle trailer that was shipping a new part for the new press. In the first two weeks, I have learned how a new plant is built and what the special tasks to do are, before you can start building halls. We made some deep test drilling into the ground, to see how solid it is. If the ground is too soft, like in our case, it is necessary to build a big earth wall on top of the ground to squeeze out the water like in a sponge and make the ground more solid.


Also I was able to take part in a lot of meetings with different companies, which was a new and exciting experience for me. After the third week I am back in my element, I work in the maintenance department, where I get a lot of little projects. For example I built a security fence for a new machine, I welded trestles for the dies, I installed a dust extraction system and much more.

Today I built a Construction for a parabolic mirror, I was constructing the whole thing myself. At first I cut the parts with the band-saw. Then I marked the wholes for the anchor-screws and drilled them. After that, I punched the holes and drilled them with the pillar drilling machine. Next I welded the ground-plate with the column together, I used MIG-Welding because it was easier to tack things together than with WIG or any other welding method. Last I fixed the mirror with some screws on the column.

It was also interesting to see that the company had a lot of celebrations for their employees. In the 8 weeks I was here we celebrated spring fling and a Mexican festival which is called “Cinco de Mayo”. At every festival they serve food and drinks for the employees. In my opinion that is a great way to improve the working atmosphere and we should try doing that also in Germany.

Another adventure was the evacuation of the plant because of a storm. We had to quit our work and go to the engine room under the big press, because it’s the only room which is under the basement and storm-resistant. After about one hour we were able to get back to work. I was really happy that nothing bad happened during the storm.


I am really proud to be part of this amazing project. So I would like to say thanks to all the people who supported me. I like to thank my apprentice-leader Martin Österle. The Maurer SE, who gave me a great and quality apprenticeship. Thanks also to the Joachim Herz foundation and my technical college, and last but not least to the Voestalpine and my host family here in the USA.

I appreciate it very much and I like to say a big THANK YOU again.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

released 2017/05/22 by krasilovski

Hello Y´all,

My name is Alex and I will be graduating next January to be officially called management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade. I am very excited to tell you about my internship here at Jim Ellis Audi of Atlanta. The company is the biggest trader worldwide for new and used vehicles, and they have approximately 200 employees. I always had a passion for cars, therefore I was super excited when I heard that my internship abroad would be at Audi. My expectations were not only satisfied but surpassed. Patrick Wolff, the Finance Director is my supervisor and making sure that I get an excellent overlook on the company and the individual divisions.

The working atmosphere with my new colleagues works out perfectly and takes place on an equal level, which makes me feel valued as an intern. My assignments are very diverse as I get involved and help different members of the team to the best of my ability. In detail, some of my functions are to assist the finance department to facilitate an enjoyable transaction for the client. I help through the different steps of the finance process, which includes greeting and building rapport with the client at the start of the process, collecting the deposit payment for the car, and I am responsible for looking over and mailing out the off-site contracts. If there should be any problem occurring with the bank of the customer I am also responsible for handling issues of this kind. On more quiet days, which are rare, I have the opportunity to take part in online workshops on a variety of different topics. I find them very interesting and helpful to gain more knowledge through the systems of an internationally successful company. The workshop topics go from knowledge on Audi products, insurances, professional interviewing, hiring process and many more.

blog - bild

I am very glad to be a part of this unique project and would like to thank everyone who supported me on the journey to get here. A special thank you goes out to the best training supervisors: Tanja Afflerbach and Nelly Schröder. The Egon von Ruville GmbH, for providing me with such a high quality and multifaceted apprenticeship. My appreciation goes out to the company management and the works committee who supported this idea\project from the start. Of course I`d love to thank the Joachim Herz Foundation that guided us through this exciting journey with an incredibly professional team, especially Yulia Kozyrakis our organizational talent and main supervisor. My business school Am Lämmermarkt and the patience and determination of Missis Gratopp deserve a huge thank you as well. And last but not least I’d like to thank Audi Atlanta and Patrick Wolff for the warmly welcoming and the unforgettable time that I was able to have! I really appreciate every bit of the time I have spent here. Thank you!

Aurubis Buffalo Inc. visit

home is where your story begins…

released 2017/05/22 by annalisawiechmann

… and my history which led me here to the US began in September 2015 with the Aurubis AG in Hamburg. There I, Anna-Lisa Wiechmann, am doing an apprenticeship as a chemical technician and am president of the youth and trainee’s representation. However, the wanderlust did not let me go, so that I searched for a possibility to spend some time abroad during my apprenticeship and bumped into the Joachim Herz Foundation.

And here I am – I have now been in the US for two months and do my foreign training period at the company Indulor in Graham, North Carolina. But for my training period there will be another blog entry later.


First I would like to give you a small overview of the Aurubis AG: It was founded in 1886 as “Norddeutsche Affinerie” (North German Refinery), produced copper since the year 1910 on the Peute in Hamburg-Veddel and employs more than 6,400 people in more than 20 countries worldwide. Annually about 1,140,000 t of copper products are produced. Aurubis is specified on copper products (Rod & Specialty Wire, Shapes, Architectural Solutions, Industrial Rolled Products, Cathodes, Bars & Profiles) Precious Metals (gold and silver), Sulfuric Acid, Iron Silicate, Selenium, Lead, Recycling and Slitting Centres. Worldwide the Aurubis AG is the biggest copper recycler and one of the leading companies in copper production.

There are more than 35 locations worldwide and two are located in the United States: Buffalo and Chicago. As North Carolina is quite close to Buffalo and its surroundings, I decided that I would like to have a view on the work in Buffalo and compare it to my location in Hamburg. And so I was able to arrange, with the support from Hamburg, my host company here and the Joachim Herz Foundation, a visit to the Aurubis plant in Buffalo. And thus I flew on the 11th of May 2017 to Buffalo and came to the Aurubis plant.

Aurubis Buffalo

I flew very early to make sure that I would be on time at the plant. On site I was greeted warmly by Jack Alonge, the director of human resources in Buffalo, and was equipped with the required security clothes for visitors: helmet, reflective vest and protective glasses. Moreover, I had to sign up on the visitor’s list which is displayed in a counter and which is checked by the security staff. Occupational safety and security is taken very seriously at all locations of the Aurubis AG and is one of our core competences! In the lobby area Jack at first gave me an overlook of the location in Buffalo before we took a walk to the production hall. Here a met some of his colleagues and had some very interesting conversations with them.

Aurubis Buffalo produces copper and brass plate, which is used to manufacture a number of widely used products such as roofing copper and brass hose nozzles.

Aerial view of the plant

The products which are produced here are delivered to more than 125 customers in 10 countries worldwide. The plant is about 1.1 million ft² large, encloses approximately 29 hectares and has 650 employees. In the lobby of the production hall there is on the left side a “Thank you” wall which is dedicated to the family members of employees and the former and active employees who were in the Army or the Navy or still are. Moreover, on the right side of the wall there is a section called “Some gave all” – a commemorative table for those which have died in service. The golden-colored plaques on the walls symbolize the employees of Aurubis Buffalo and the silvery ones stand for the family members. This wall already showed a cultural difference which I found personally very nice – here the employees of the plant can manufacture the plaques for themselves or their family members – a little memory while entering or leaving the production hall.

Thank You

After I put my first questions, we began with the tour of the hall and went past to the resting places for the material, to the different production machines, the rollings, the ready tapes, as well as to the slitting centre. Jack explained to me the different working steps which are necessary from the materials up to the finished product.

The basic version would look like this:

(1) Stored application materials

In the warehouse of the production hall the most different application materials are to be found. These are transported according to demand after a pre-treatment to the furnace if they are needed.


(2) Furnace

Here the application materials are melted and prepared for the casting. High temperatures are necessary for this – hence, the employees wear special protective clothes: Caster’s apron, caster’s gloves and a coated visor which protects the eyes and the face.

(3) Casting

Casted bars

During the casting the melted application material is poured into a big fire-resistant form, cooled down and afterwards removed from the form. Here in Buffalo rectangular bars are poured. As soon as a load is ready, the bars are carried by a train to the warm roller, which is situated a little bit away from the furnace as it is so large.

(4) Warm rolling

On this gigantic roller (which runs about the complete length of the production hall) the still warm bar is rolled thinner and thinner. Thus the bar of approximately 8 inches height is rolled to approximately 0.5 inches. To ensure that is is evenly rolled there are so-called circulating roles. Here in Buffalo these run vertically and at about a height of 2-3 floors. After this working step the produced tapes are processed further in another roller.

(5) Final rolling

On this roller the tapes are rolled to the desired thickness and immediately rolled up. Then these roles are transported to the slitting center.

(6) Slitting center

In the slitting center finally the tapes are cut to different widths – as the customer requests.

Afterwards the final products are stored, until they are delivered.

I am very happy that I could visit our plant in Buffalo. I was welcomed so warmly there and the outward appearance of the plant made me feel almost at home! A nice feeling, after one has not been in the usual working surroundings for more than two months. Here some things are similar to our plant in Hamburg, however, the special arrangements differ, because the two plants have different main focuses. Hence, there was also a lot new information to get to know and to see. I thought the dimensions of the circulating roles for the rollers of the tapes especially impressive!

I would like to thank once again quite warmly for the support, the realisation and the implementation of this visit: Aurubis Buffalo, Aurubis Hamburg, my host company Indulor, the Joachim Herz Foundation and particularly Jack Alonge, who spent lot of time to support me with the preparations, to show me the plant, to explain everything and to answer every single question I had!!

… and also the weekend needs to be planned

After the visit at the Aurubis plant I considered that I wanted to use the weekend, as I was already on site, to explore the surroundings. Thus I went across the Canadian border to the Niagara Falls which are even illuminated at night. Also small fireworks took place which was not too great, because the smoke overlaid the nice falls for some time. The next morning I took a boat tour and so I was able to experience the Niagara Falls from close proximity – even feel them as one gets quite wet during the boat tour when you get so close to the falls!

Then I went to Toronto to experience a little of the Canadian culture and area, even if only briefly, although in a big city. After visiting Chinatown and different other sights I had, as I was told, a “Canadian speciality” for lunch which one could order as an addition even from every Fast-Food Company: Poutine. Sounds great, does not taste too bad, but contains: Fries mixed with half melted cheese sticks and – there it is- gravy! This was an interesting meal.

But going back to Buffalo directly would have been too simple and thus I drove to Ohio and spent some time in the amusement park “Cedar Point” before I took my seat on the airplane in Buffalo early on Sunday morning back in the direction of Chapel Hill to be well-rested on Monday morning for my new everyday life here and tell my colleagues about my experiences.

Best regards from North Carolina,


Next station: Niagara Falls

released 2017/05/17 by korbinianweigl

5 days, 40 hours, 2400 minutes, …
A week of work has passed again.

“Does everybody have their passport and visa documents with them?”
– Lenni wants to be sure that we have everything.

With a packed car of hiking shoes and snacks for a picnic, we headed to the Canadian border.
We crossed the “Bluewater bridge”, got a stamp from the officer and kept going north-east.


We had a picnic with the best weather for a non-crowded park.
Anybody could have a picnic with nice weather.

After four hours ride we arrived at Niagara Falls, Canada.


Now we were pretty close to the amazing waterfalls. The weather changed positive and we enjoyed the great view of the 325 feet high Niagara Falls.

On the side of this huge miracle of nature, a human was quite small and helpless.


The falls are lit up at night, so we relished a spectacular lightshow from our hotel room.
Together with our host parents, we enjoyed the evening with a look at the Niagara Falls.

After a relaxed night in the hotel, we went to the gorge and back to Detroit on the next day.

Thanks a lot to our host parents for the unforgettable trip!

Sunny wishes from Michigan

Max, Lenni and Korbi

Internship at Zwick/Roell

released 2017/05/12 by sophiaweißenhorner

This week is already my 6th week as an intern at Zwick USA in Kennesaw.

Zwick/Roell is the worldwide leading manufacturer of material testing machines. The headquarter is located in Germany and employs about 1350 people, 20 of them are located in Kennesaw.


I am doing an apprenticeship as an Industrial clerk in Germany, where I switch departments on a regular basis, but so far I didn’t have a chance to spend time and work in the Marketing department. This is where I am mostly working at Zwick USA.

My colleagues take a lot of time for me, they give me detailed explanations and are very friendly. My workday is always very different since I help many colleagues so I can get a glimpse of every department here at Zwick USA. In the first few weeks they already gave me tasks that I could do on my own responsibility. My main task though was to support a colleague for preparing a big trade fair at the headquarter in Germany.

First of all we had to clarify with the regional sales managers the number of customers they wanted to invite. After that we would prepare and send out personalized invitations to every single customer. It was a very interesting experience to go to the local post office with about 200 invitations. I was very busy there because I had to put 4 post stamps on every envelope. Unfortunately the office didn’t own a machine to do that so I had to do it.

Right now I have the responsibility of keeping an overview over all the participants as well as booking hotels, organizing transports and much more.

The Trade fair will take place in October at the headquarter in Germany, which is not even 40 kilometers away from my home. Since I received an invitation as well I will have the chance to meet many of my colleagues again and of course I will use this opportunity.


What I really appreciate is the contact with my colleagues. We do things together even outside of the regular work hours. That’s why we go to a gym together on a regular basis. They want me to find out about differences and things that these two cultures have in common.

I want to thank my company Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik, the Joachim Herz Foundation and Zwick/Roell for making this amazing opportunity possible!

Event trainee goes USA

released 2017/05/11 by mariya  

Today I would like to tell you more about my internship. But first of the facts: my name is Mariya, I am currently in my second year of the vocational training to become an event manager. You probably would want to know if I’d gained work experience yet? Well definitely!

Working as an event manager, one can choose from lots of paths that can be taken. The Kennesaw State University gave me the chance to experience the variety of assignments in this field. With about 40.000 students the University is doing an outstanding job in creating a versatile program of activities and events on campus as well as outside of it.

In my first month at the KSU I got the opportunity to work in the Division of Global Affairs, which is responsible for creating and maintaining exchange programs, supervising international students as well as organizing workshops, lectures and events not only at the KSU but worldwide.

During my internship I was responsible for helping out with a conference for a group of Asian students which took place in Singapore. I had to write invitations, edit the list of participants, check the passports as well as flights and create the participation certificates.

As the Division of Global Affairs has organized an event with international speakers in Atlanta, I got the chance to participate. Listening to Cecile Riallant, the manager of the UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative, and other great speakers was such an amazing experience and to see how the event itself was organized helped me to realize that there is a lot more in common, than one would think in the first place when it comes to event planning.

On one of my last days in this department I helped out at a charity dinner. Here I got to do the physical work when preparing an event – setting up tables, flowers, advertising walls and checking the participants in.


For over three weeks now I have been working in the Sports & Entertainment Department of the KSU. Working here is special for me, due to the fact that this department owns several venues, which means that the goal is to bring events into these locations. Back in the Germany the agency that I am working for is creating the link between costumer and location. So in fact being on the side of the venue is totally new and interesting for me.

One of the tasks that I work on right now is the creative planning of a festival, which will take place in late October, the Owl-O-Ween. As one can see in the picture, the festival creates a magical atmosphere with its colors and art. What I am doing is, looking for art-installations which could fit the festival and set designers in the Atlanta Metro area to make it happen.


I am looking forward for the time to come and the interesting tasks that are awaiting me in the next weeks!

I would like to thank the Joachim Herz Foundation, my company in Germany the smart and more GmbH as well as the KSU for making this experience possible!

Sunny greetings


Let´s Go Braves!

released 2017/05/08 by cindykuhn


We would have never believed that this will happen to us in Atlanta! 48°F and rain! This is really unusual, because it has been very warm since our arrival and often up to 86°F. Unfortunately we (Julia, Julie, Sammy – their host, Sophia and me) already bought tickets for an open air Baseball game at the Suntrust park. After leaving work on Friday we went straight to the stadium to watch the game of the Atlanta Braves against the St. Louis Cardinals.


It was the first baseball game for all of us and we were so excited. The stadium on his own was already worth a visit. However, the game wasn’t that interesting and unhappily it was too cold for us! All together it was a breathtaking moment to see the game and experience the American feeling live in the stadium- We appreciate the opportunity to attend the game and being a part of it. We would have rather watched a football game of the Atlanta Falcons instead. Unfortunately there is no football season in the moment.

On Saturday me and Carolin finally went to the CNN (Cable News Network) headquarters. This well-known American news TV channel was founded by Ted Turner and has its headquarters in Atlanta.For me the tour was totally exciting, because I am currently doing an apprenticeship as a media agent for digital print media in germany and I am very interested to work in the television industry.


Our tour started at the 213 feet high escalator, which is mentioned as the worlds longest, freestanding escalator in the Guinness-book of records. We were lucky to watch a live show of Weekend Express with Lynn Smith and had the opportunity to meet her in person. It was incredible to get behind the scenes and to see what is happening behind the cameras.

We also visited the control room, in which they take care of the sound and the image of the show and are in contact with the anchor in the studio. The employees at the newsroom are responsible to find and select the important news. On our way we met the anchor Fredricka Whitfield. It was very impressive to visit a media company in such a big size and to get so many impressions.

I had again a very beautiful weekend in Atlanta and I look forward for many more weekends to come.

“Time to laugh”

released 2017/05/05 by sophiaweißenhorner

Last weekend, Cindy and I were traveling together with Julia, Julie and her host family to Tennessee. We stayed in a resort for one weekend.
This gave us the chance to spend time with a lot of new people and to further explore American culture – of course we said yes to this opportunity.

After a four hour drive from Atlanta to Sevierville on Saturday, we arrived at the Oak Haven Resort and were very hungry. Sevierville is a small town in Tennessee. Right after arriving at the resort we moved into our little house and were totally excited. Our house had a very own gaming room with a table tennis table and a billiard table. Our personal favorite though was the whirlpool.

At noon the community members invited us to eat lunch together with them. They prepared a big salad bar and we were finally able to eat something and get new energy.
We talked a lot with the people, they were very curious about our experiences so far and why we are here.

As a sign of being connected with each other, everybody tied a piece of cloth around his wrist. After we introduced ourselves to the group, we also received a piece of cloth to show that we are a part of this community as well. We all spent the evening together at the pool of the resort.

After that we came to the last point on the agenda today: „Time to laugh“.
We definitely laughed a lot and had a really good time. We split up in different groups and played some funny trivia games. Of course us girls were split up into different groups as well, that way we were right in the middle of everything.

In Gatlinburg, TN

After that – who would have thought – we spent the rest of the night in the Jacuzzi of our resort. After a little flooding of the balcony – Cindy’s step into the whirlpool was a little too big – we went to bed.

On Sunday it was time for us to leave and drive back home. We spent our afternoon in a small town in Tennessee, where we strolled through the streets and looked at the different stores. Since Tennessee is famous for it’s whiskeys, there were many opportunities to test some of the finest alcoholic beverages… of course we only watched.

We had a great and funny weekend, which we will keep in our minds for sure.

Best wishes,


Cultural Vistas Event on 05/03/2017

released 2017/05/04 by korbinianweigl

Cultural Vistas invited us to a „networking get-together“ event in Detroit on 3rd of May.
We met in the Company, the brewery is located in the historical district of Detroit. It is a tiny cozy pub in Corktown, known only to those in the community.
You can enjoy the different home-made beers and lemonades there.


The majority of people there, were German students, who also got their visa from Cultural Vistas. We talked to different kinds of people, like local politicians and members of Non-Profit-Organizations. Steve Tobocman from Global Network told us about the economic advantages of Detroit and his work on sprucing up the image of the City. They showed us the sights and the local hotspots around the motor city. Matt Chung, Deputy Director of the Detroit Experience Factory gave us some really interesting insiders’ tips, for example the Critical-Mass-Event, which takes place every last Friday of the month. The idea is renting or using a bike and riding through all the different districts of the city. So actually there are hundreds of people riding a bicycles together.


There was a group of German lecturers staying with us at the event, they were invited for the Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange. The program is about integration of refugees, but not just refugees also immigrants from other countries. They are developing a sustainable model for all immigration within culture, language and everyday life. Another really heavy discussed topic was the “wasted brain” problem, highly educated workers, for example engineers, who are driving cabs, because their college or university degree is not accredited in their new country. Most of the organizations are helping the immigrants to approve the degrees. We were told, that Detroit is ready for hosting refugees. The economy is rising as well and there are lots of well paying jobs in Detroit. The Automotive Industry has a lack of well-trained craftsmen, mechanical and electrical engineers.

We really enjoyed the interesting and informative evening with a lot new acquaintances. And wanted to say thank you to Cultural Vistas for the invitation and the hospitality.

Best wishes from the beautiful Detroit

Max & Korbi

Detroit Rangers

released 2017/05/04 by korbinianweigl

Hey Guys!

The time was running until now!

Now I want to describe what Max, Korbi and me are doing during our internship at BOS.

This week started very well, because we were allowed to start on Monday with working on a module for the Prototype Shop.

It was very exciting that we were responsible for our ideas, plans and work.


After we figured out how to realize our project we talked to our supervisors and explained our plan. To set up our order for the gearwheels we needed.

The time we were waiting on the package to arrive, we produced the other parts. We used turning,- milling- and drillingmachines.

After we checked our selfmade parts we started to put them together.


Of course, Max was very busy, too. His challenge was building an electrical circuit to control a small electrical engine for opening and closing from a new invention of cover for loading areas.

To protect the electrical parts, we built a cover out of wood and isolated everything.


Another challenge for Korbi in this week was building a cover out of sheet metal.

After he found a great way to build the cover, he started to draw the Parts on paper which he cut out to see, if his plan works.

His plan was great so he began to cut, force and bend until the parts were fitting perfectly together. He fixed the part with rivets.


To the end of the week I had to change broken stabilizers from sun covers.

For changing them I had to remove old rivets. After changing the stabilizers I fix the sun cover by putting new rivets in it.


Finally, we can say that we have huge amounts of work.

We get lots of support from our supervisors. They can help us a lot because of their experiences and their skills. That’s why we are learning very much.

We have lots of fun at work because we have lots of different stuff to do, and our coworkers are all very kind to us!

Best regards from the Prototype-shop

Max, Korbi and Leonard

Internship at Kühne + Nagel

released 2017/05/03 by juliadaxberger


I am doing my internship at Kuehne + Nagel, which is a global logistics provider in the sectors of the Sea and Airfreight, Overland and Contract logistics. Kuehne + Nagel is a company with German roots, founded in Bremen in 1890, and in the US since 1966. I am interested in the logistics branch and their processes, so I was really excited to do my internship in this company.


I am working in the department for the Sea freight import. Here I support the team which is responsible for the LCL freight (Less than Container Load) from the arrival of a ship up to the final delivery to the receiver. Before this I had no idea of Container, Sea freight and of any kind of technical terms from this department and so I am a newcomer in this area. But my colleagues took the time to explain all the working steps to me and answered all my questions. Very early I received my own tasks which I had to do independently. If I had questions I could always go to my colleagues. I learned the whole process, from the arrival in the American harbor up to the final delivery to the receiver.

On my internship, I am also in contact with other interns. Here in East Point, Georgia there are around 20 interns from different countries and continents. I already had the opportunity to talk with the others about the differences of the school systems and the different cultures.

I want to thank my company, the Joachim Herz foundation and Kuehne + Nagel for this unique opportunity!

Best regards from Atlanta


Georgia on My Mind…

released 2017/05/02 from johannestrommler


After six incredible weeks our stay in Kennesaw and at the KSU comes to an end. The anticipation of seeing our families and friends again helps coping with the bittersweet feeling of goodbye. There are situations where the time flies by so fast and it’s a surreal feeling that this journey has come to an end already. Since I’m personally struggling a lot with our departure, I would like to share a soothing and encouraging quote by a friend which helped me a lot:

„Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened“


Very unique and sincere friendships and unforgettable moments will always remain in our hearts and memories and we look forward to welcome our American Friends in Germany soon. We faced challenges and obstacles which we had to overcome. Those were one of our biggest influences personally. All of us didn’t just become much more independent, self-reliant, self-confident, open-hearted no, we also have grown in our personality.

We experienced what it means to delve into a new culture. The intercultural training classes of Dr. Sabine Smith decisively helped us in our personality development. Thanks to her organization of many company visits we were able to learn about new industries, companies and gained a lot of insight of the American working life. The intensive English classes with students from all over the world combined with dealing everyday life in English supported us in improving our knowledge of vocabulary and speaking in general. The overwhelming options of lectures and the benefits from this great campus developed our theoretical and practical professional knowledge. By this we also profit individually on our future journey and everybody will take this experience back to Germany.


On Thursday evening we had a goodbye dinner at Trackside Grill and everybody special who accompanied us on this great journey were invited. Particularly we enjoyed our guests of honor. First we welcomed the Vice Chairwoman of the Joachim Herz Foundation Ms. Martin. She and the foundation made this unique opportunity happen in the first place. The second guest of honor was Dr. Sabine Smith, which all of us were so grateful to have her. She always supported and helped us in every possible matter and always had our backs. The third guest of honor was Joseph Krawczuk. He’s an American student of German and accompanied all of us on our journey and was responsible for numerous and unique encounters.


In the name of all KSU guest students sent by the Joachim Herz Foundation we would like show our appreciation to all who supported, accompanied and made this unforgettable experience happen. Thanks to Kennesaw State University, Dr. Sabine Smith, Dr. Yulia Kozyrakis, to all our American friends and especially to the Joachim Herz Foundation. We will the always keep memory of this and keep them in our hearts in our future life.


Kind regards,


KSU Group visits Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta

released 2017/05/02 by janinedobrzykowski

On Wednesday we visited Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta. Patrick Wolff and Alexander Krasilovski received us on the bus. Patrick Wolff is the finance manager and Alexander traveled with our group to the USA and is doing an internship there.

At first, we saw the Audi R8 in front of the entrance, which looks very good. Then we went to the conference room where Patrick and Alexander told us some about the company.


Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta is a dealership of the Jim Ellis Group.

The Jim Ellis Group is a family business, which was founded in 1971. Three generations of this family are working in this company, everybody with their own function. Such a family business is rather nontypical for the USA.

At present, the Jim Ellis Group offer twelve brands at thirteen different locations. The brands are Volkswagen, Mazda, Hyundai, Maserati, Chevrolet, Buick, Genesis, GMC, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, and Audi.

Since two years, Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta is the biggest Audi dealership with new and used cars with a full service, in the world. 200 people work at Audi Atlanta.


It takes three or four months, till a new Audi car (built in Germany) can roll out in Atlanta. They sell nearly 300 cars per month.

Furthermore, we learned more about the difference between the German and American insurances and working conditions. For example: in Germany some of the staff work on commission, but they get also a permanent salary. In the USA they only get the commission.

The people in the USA prefer bigger cars. At this time, the Audi Q7 is highly in demand, Patrick told us. Afterwards we learned more about the company, Alexander showed us the workplaces. We could see the offices, the workshop, and the sale hall.

At last, we got the chance to watch the cars, sit in them and ask last questions.

It was a very interesting and informative visit.

Kind regards



Day of service – Let’s give us back something good

Veröffentlicht am 2017/04/25 von brunasam

On Saturday was the important KSU Day of Service, which is the opportunity since four yearsn at the Kennesaw State University to say thank you to public organizations. More than 500 volunteers came together to support these organizations at their work.

In the morning we met to have breakfast together, so that we were strong enough to do a lot of work. We also got a little present, a KSU Day of Service shirt from the University for our voluntary work. Actually it was a really useful present because we had no idea at this time what our job was going to be.


It was time, the bus picked us up and brought us to the beautiful farm of Laura McCullough, which owns the name Alpha Equestrian Center Heaven’s Gate Therapeutic Riding. This non-profit organization includes therapeutic horse riding for pedagogic, rehabilitative and social-integrative treatments and therapies with horses. The patients are mainly children, adolescents and adults with physical and psychical disabilities.

A really admirable initiative!

After a short instruction we went to the beautiful and huge paddock to paint all the fences around the field with black paint. After a few minutes the horses came to see what is going on and to say hi of course. There was always time for treating the horses:)

When we started painting, we were able to see how useful our new shirts actually were, because not only the fences went black! No problem with this, because we had such a good time there all together at this sunny and lovely place, the time went over like nothing.


When the volunteering time was over, a few of us decided to stay a bit longer to finish the painting of the fence and also because it was a lot of fun there. We had enough time to communicate with the other students about nice sights, the beautiful nature and region and also about the German dual education system. After our charity we had to remove and to wash all of this nasty paint from our skin. Sounds easy? It isn’t! This color is made to stay forever on these fences, and also on our skin, but after a while of scratching and itching we were able to remove the most of it. To say thank you for our job, Laura gave us the opportunity to come closer to the horses and feed them with some treats. The horses answered with a kiss 🙂

We are really thankful for this nice time at the paddock and also glad about the fact we did something good for our environment. This day will always stay in our mind!


All the best,

Bruna and Lorenz

Engineering Robotics Class

released 2017/04/24 by sandroboe


Three times a week we attended the technical engineering class at the Marietta campus, where we have been able to show our skills.

The task was to build a robot out of electric motors and metal parts. The brain of the robot was a control unit which was programmed with the programing language “C”. We split the task so that everyone was able to show his experiences in his own work areas

Adrian built the construction and Sandro did the program. It was very interesting to see his own robot grow and to see what is possible. In the end we were able to control the robot with a wireless controller and we chose a four-wheel-drive like a tank, which means that you controlled each side with one joystick. Furthermore we programmed another function. If the robot hit something hard he drove a few centimeters back and stopped driving.


This was our final robot.

It was a nice experience and we learned a lot for our jobs in Germany.

Best regards

Adrian & Sandro

Zwick Roell Company Visit

released 2017/04/23 from lucyschulze

On Friday we went to Zwick Roell, one of the world’s powerhouses in materials testing machines. Over 20 industries rely on their machines for providing succifient quality assurance and R&D. Zwick Roell has been a staple in the industry for over 160 years.
Sophia Weißenhorner, who is also a part of the Azubi program in Atlanta, is currently doing an internship at Zwick Roell and we met her during our visit.

More than 160 years ago, in 1854, the company was founded, back then called “Zwick.”
It was just in 1992 that they became Zwick-Roell, when they became an amalgamation of both companies.
Currently, there are more than 1350 employees that are employed by Zwick Roell. Just 20 of them reside in the Kennesaw branch. The company itself is a multinational entity, spanning across the US aswell as 56 other countries, including China, Great Britain and France.


When we arrived, our multilingual guide, Mrs. Jennifer Peacock was waiting for us. Initially, she showed us around and gave us information about the company in general and the different departments here in Kennesaw. Afterwhich, we had a detailed presentation in one of the conference rooms.
During the presentation we learned that Zwick Roell provides products aswell as services. The company primarily checks the quality of materials and components almost all branches of industry and materials, whether metals or plastics, rubber or composites, automotive or medical. There are different categories of testing: pull, compress, twist and torsion, melt, bend, wear and indent. We were also allowed to test the material thickness of an object with one of their machines. We also learned that it is a German based company due to the fact that their headquarters is based in Ulm, Germany. Additionally, due to differing standards between the US and Germany, they produce their machines in Germany.

Afterwards, we were shown the other machines. There were an incredible and unexpected 75 – 100 different variations of the machines. Starting with Static Materials Testing Machines and Automated Testing Systems, to Melt Flow Index Testers and Testing Software.
I was especially interested in the last one, because they have over 90 years of experience in materials testing combined with expertise gained from 15 years of Windows software programming. Building on this they developed the testing software “testXpert”, a user-friendly program to test with existing standards, creating own test programs, or to export test data to a database.


Well known customers of the company are e.g. Indentec UK, GTM Germany, Messephysik Austria und ZTT China. But their most expensive machine was sold to Boeing for 2 Million Dollars.

With a firmness I can attest that it was an interesting, entertaining and informative experience .

KSU Group visiting Porsche Cars North America

released  2017/04/23 from josefazusa

Last week we had the chance to visit high class German engineering in the USA again.


Porsche North America (PCNA) is 100 percent subsidiary of the Porsche AG. It was founded 1984 and has generated one of the biggest markets for Porsche worldwide.


They are based in Atlanta for nearly 20 years now.

To keep on enhancing the northern American market, Porsche invested 100 billion dollars in a new Headquarter for PCNA, also known as Headquarter of the marvel’s Avengers. In Atlanta the departments of HR, sales, distribution, marketing, retail are located in addition to Porsche financial- and business service. Porsche is only producing in Germany and is managing the importation of their cars by PCNA as well. That’s why the new location is based next to the biggest Airport of the world in Atlanta to stay pivotal.


Our technicians also got an interesting insight.

Over the years, a lot of garages in the US lost the skills to repair old Porsche models. The new building was planned with a new high tech garage to offer restoration or customer services for old Porsche cars as well.


At the End an Engineer gave us an interesting insight about the Porsche 918 Spyder, which is a 1 Billion Dollar Car with almost 900 Horsepower. It was a unique chance to reach a car like that for every trainee.

All in all, an awesome Experience.

Kind Regards


A day at Coro Realty Advisors

released 2017/04/19 from miriamschnitzer

Like most of the readers will know, our Group is separated this year: 13 of us spend their time at the Kennesaw State University where they participate in English Courses and Intercultural Training, as well as doing Company Visits. The other 12 apprentices are doing internships in Georgia, Michigan or North Carolina.


Even though I chose the KSU Program, I got the chance to get an insight into a real estate company called Coro Realty Advisors, where I spent one day with their property managers.

The company was founded in 1997 and has about 28 employees at the moment. They are specialized in the management of properties, but are also in the business of property developing and property finances.

When I arrived I was immediately friendly welcomed and introduced to everyone. After a short tour through the office Crissy, Karmen, Trina & Adam gave me an overview of their daily tasks at the office. Each of them is responsible for about 8 Properties. After that Trina and I went off to see a residential apartment complex, which she cares about. There we met Jim Gaddy, who is working for a partner company of Coro and he is responsible for the local management there. We went through the complex, which includes a pool, fitness center and a rooftop terrace. Furthermore I got the chance to see a model of apartments that can be rented there.

For lunch the team of the property managers got together at a restaurant, where I had another chance to ask questions, but in a very casual atmosphere.


When we finished Adam & Karmen took me to trade properties  “Oglethorpe & Brookleigh” of which they are responsible for. They gave me an overview of their daily work outside, for example to stay in contact with the tenants. After a short ice cream break (Thank you Adam – it was delicious!) we started to fill out the site research about the complex Oglethorpe which has to be done every month.

In the late afternoon we went back to the office, where they told me more about what accounting is about in their company and how it works. In the end I had another last chance to ask a lot of questions and then my little internship was already over again.

I wanted to thank the Coro Team again, especially Trina, Karmen & Adam who made a great effort and took a lot of time to make that day as great as possible for me. It was definitely the highlight of my 6 weeks journey!

Greetings from Kennesaw,


Classes and apprenticeship – a perfect match!

released 2017/04/18 from azubianna

We have been on campus for more than four weeks. Time flies and we have many chances to take classes.


As I am doing my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, I visit mostly marketing, management and entrepreneurship classes.

On Tuesday I went with other Azubis to the entrepreneurship class taught by Professor Hanks. In this course you learn how to start your own business or how to continue studying entrepreneurship. Professor Hanks has a huge talent to motivate the students through his teaching style. Before his classes start, he gives them an exercise to do, for example they make a circle and explain to each other what they have done to advance their businesses. At my first visit, they had to tell everybody which connections they made over spring break.

I was fascinated by the will, the ambition and the engagement of the students. You learn not only in theory, but also for the real job. The topic of the last lesson was presentation. You have to know how you present your business in front of other people or customers. It’s important that you know what you should do during a presentation. Professor Hanks gave us relevant points: especially emotion and trust are vital in presentations.

This is also a part of my final exam. We are going to present our company and a specific topic in front of teachers. These points were really important for me. I could get a lot of information and tips for the future. Personally, I can take this with me to use for presentations in the future.

Entrepreneurship with Professor Hanks

I really like the marketing and management classes. In the strategic management course, Professor Riemann facilitates discussions from the companies Apple, Google, Amazon. The students talked one lesson about one company. You are, as a stranger, in between the discussion. That‘s really cool!

I have always been curious and excited because I have a relationship to the topic. The topics are customer’s loyalty, phone calls and some others. It is a lot of fun to repeat the same topics again because you learn also new vocabulary, which you would need for your job in Germany. In my company, we sometimes have phone calls in English.

Sometimes it’s not easy when you go to a class where you never were before. It takes a bit of time until you get the message from the topic or the lesson, and not every class is as great as the other classes that I described. In every single class, you can get something new: new vocabulary, a new topic, get to know new people or a professor, who is so lovely to us. I look forward to every class. With each individual class you grow a little more as a person.

Best regards from Kennesaw,


Visit of Georgia Aquarium

Veröffentlicht am 2017/04/16 von adrianazusa

Yesterday, the Joachim-Herz-Foundation gave us the opportunity to visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. For the most of us, it was the first time to visit such a big aquarium and so all of us were exited.

As we entered the aquarium we were immediately in the spell of the underwater world as we saw the jellyfish with their hypnotic movements. In the aquarium itself you can visit four thematic areas and two shows. Because of the time we arrived we couldn’t watch the shows and so we went to the tropical underwater world. There we could imagine how diverse the life in the coral reefs is.


After that we saw the animals who live usually in the rivers all over the world. Besides we could see piranhas, otters and two albino crocodiles which couldn’t survive in the free world because they might be shot by hunters as long as they are very rare animals.

In connection with this area we went to the dolphin show. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures so I am not able to show you some of these intelligent animals and their tricks. The most impressive trick one dolphin made was the triple backflip.


Next we looked at the area “giants of the ocean”. There we were able to look at some stingrays, 20 meter long wale-sharks and lots of other different creatures. Afterwards walked in a tunnel made of glass so we were able to watch the fishes while they were swimming above and next to us.

The last thematic area was the arctic one. There were some giant crabs, which can reach the size of a small car. Moreover, we were able to see otters and beluga wales.

After that we went to the sea lion show. These smart and quick animals can dance and do other tricks as for example they are able to use a whistle. After this show we left the aquarium.

We were all very hungry so we walked to a typical American restaurant called Jimmy Rockets. The 50s atmosphere, the awesome burgers and milkshakes were a fantastic ending of our interesting trip to the Georgia Aquarium.


The KSU group at Grenzebach und E.G.O.released 2017/04/13 from teresastichlmair

Yesterday we had two company visits on our program.

At first we visited the Grenzebach Corporation in Newnan. The Grenzebach Corporation is a branch of the german company Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH. Grenzebach is working in the field of mechanical and plant engineering and is specialized on automation.

The company was founded in 1960 and the business started with seven employees. In the mean time the company has 1500 employees and 100 of them are employed in Newnan. But Grenzebach has not only locations in the United States and Germany, the company is also represented in China.

When we arrived there, Martin Player was welcoming us. He is from Germany and he ist the COO.

At first we got an introduction and he told us a lot about the Grenzebach Corporation. Especially the cooperation between the different production sites in the different countries. He explained us which location is specialized for which kind of production and explained us the process from the order until delivery.

But not only the information about the company was very interesting, also the differences in the working world of Germany and the United States. Martin Player told us about the differences in working conditions, vacation and holidays, protection against dismissal, safety regulations and environmental requirements. That was the point where we as germans recognized the german influence at the Grenzebach Corporation. Especially when Martin Player talked about apprenticeships.

In the U.S. the dual system as we have it in Germany is not common. But as I said, the Grenzebach Corporation has a german influence and so they are really committed in bringing the german system of apprenticeships to the States. There is a group of eight companies, including Grenzebach, and they are offering an apprenticeship for industrial mechanics based on the german regulations.

The apprentices are going to school and to work and they have to write final exams at the end of their apprenticeship, as we do in Germany.

There are 3 japanese companies, 3 american companies and two german companies that are offering the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic.

The second german company that is offering the apprenticeship is E.G.O. North America. We visited this company afterwards. E.G.O. is also a german company with the headquarter in Oberderdingen and they belong to the group BLANC & FISCHER Familienholding. We got an introduction and during our tour through the production line we could observe the production of cooking plates.

The special thing was that we could meet the three apprentices there and they told us about their experiences in the apprenticeship.

Company Visit EGO
Company Visit Grenzebach

Over all we can say that we did not learn only about the companies but also a lot in intercultural differences. Thank you to all participants for this exciting and informative day.

German-American accounting and a little bit of inflation

released 2017/04/12 from johannestrommler

For students there are certain classes which doesn’t cause joy. It may be due to the subject; the time class starts or both of them combined.

This time: accounting – 8:00 PM in the Burruss Building, the business school of the Kennesaw State University.

So yesterday was the day of my late shift so I get to learn more about my field of activity at my training company in Germany. So I went to the account class of German professor Benedikt Quosigk. After graduating from gymnasium, which is equivalent to high school in America, he studied accounting at KSU. He happily took his time after class to talk to me about various things and answered every single question I had extensively.

The subject of the class was investments and budget planning, which concerns my work at my training company regularly at the end of each year and when we discuss our budget. We also discussed investments at the vocational school. Also accounting terms are definitely not the easiest ones to learn, but due my knowledge I was taught by the vocational school I was capable of taking part in the class joined several discussions and I also was able to understand the terms and connect them together.

I’m really impressed by the similarities of German accounting compared to American accounting.

The main idea and principle of investments are exactly the same but I identified some diversities on how Americans approach and plan investments. For example an investment is only considered worth if the discount rate is at least 12 %. Quosigk advised to only choose capital investments with a higher discount rate of 12 % fue to the many different possibilities in America.

Inflation and deflation are bigger subjects in comparison to Germany. The current situation is leaned more to an inflationary way, so it definitely makes sense to consider this aspect. This aspect was never part of the thinking process in my training company and I’m looking forward to bring up this discussion to my colleagues.

This is how this very interesting and informative class ended and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Mondays, when I have my next date with accounting.

With sunny greeting from Kennesaw, GA

Johannes Trommler

Sunday lunch at the lake house

released 2017/04/11 from lenzvonjara

Being separated from the family for a longer time can be sometimes very difficult because family affection is something that is good for each of us. Fortunately the last Sunday we were able to get a big part of it again!

We were invited to a typical Sunday lunch by Joeys parents and his grandmother in their beautiful Lakehouse. Joey is one of our beloved peer buddies and he is always there when we have a question or a problem. It could be just about the American culture or an advice to a good restaurant for the upcoming dinner. So we are very glad that we met him!

This hospitable invitation gave us the opportunity to get a deeper impression into the life of an American family and the American culture. For the trainees who are not accommodated by a host family, but rather doing the exchange program at Kennesaw State University, was a great opportunity to provide an insight to an American family!

The large and pretty house of the grandmother of Joey, which is only 10 miles from our accommodation, is situated on a small but beautiful and quiet lake. A perfect day to relax on the porch overlooking the lake and to enjoy the American culture.


Also, they cooked deliciously Spaghetti Mauriciano, hearty herbs garlic bread and salad. Hunger or even a bad mood was completely gone! There was a lot of time to talk with Joey’s parents about nice places, the life in the US and about the German education system. It was very pleasant to hear Patricia, Joeys grandmother, while she talked about her life and her experiences. She is a very impressive and awesome person!


We fade away the afternoon with nice conversations, fishing or Frisbee at the lake.

A Sunday we will never forget! We thank Joey and his family so much for the very heartily hospitality and the unforgettable afternoon at the lake. The friendliness and openness of the people in the south of the US impressed us all and will always be in our memory!


The Azubis at Heidelberg USA

released 2017/04/08 from nguyennatalia

On Friday Morning we visited Heidelberg USA, a German company which is responsible for printing machines all over the World. They were founded 1850 in Heidelberg, Germany where their headquarter is stationed. They have Departments in 170 different countries e.g. USA, Canada, China and Australia.

At the beginning, we got an introduction from our Guide Errol Moebius. He is the Director of Demo Room Operations Print Media Center in Atlanta. He told us a lot about the Company history, the machines in general and the process how to develop and improve the machines to get the best printing results for the customer. After that, we made a tour trough the company to see all the machines and the printing process.

Although not every one of us makes a technical apprenticeship it was very impressive and fascinating to see how printers were improved during the last century and what they can do today.

This was our 4th Company Tour and we are all looking forward to more visits.


Modern lessons at the West Georgia Technical College

released 2017/04/07 from juliadaxberger

At West Georgia Technical College, I visited the course Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications, because in Germany I am doing an apprenticeship as industrial clerk. The students at WGTC are learning how to work with the Spread sheet program excel from Microsoft.

Based on a book, which is also available online on “Blackboard“, the students get to know step by step the program. At first you have to read the instruction to the chapter and after this you can start an exercise or test.

Julia Daxberger pic2

You have to download the Excel file for the exercise. Based on the instruction you have to do the given steps. After completing the exercise the file will be uploaded into Blackboard and your results immediately.

I started with the first chapter, which are the basics. Although I often worked with excel in my apprenticeship, I could learn some new key combinations, which will simplify my further daily work with excel. In the next chapters I learned other things like working with complicated Formulas and inserting and editing Charts in Excel. I think the blackboard with which my college works is really helpful, because you get your results really fast and you get detailed information about your mistakes. You are well prepared for tests, because you can see exactly your own weaknesses.

The courses at KSU and Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center Visit

released 2017/03/30 by sandroboe

Over the week we were able to visit a lot of different courses. Our main classes are consisting of English and ICT. The English course is separated in 2 parts. One is the vocabulary part where we learn new English words, the other one is Listening and Speaking, which will help us to improve our understanding and speaking.

The ICT Course will help us in different situations. On the one hand, through the course we learn which things we have to take care of in the US. On the other hand, we will get presentations from guest speakers which will give us different information about culture and living in the US.

Foto 30.03.17, 13 02 30

In addition, every apprentice is able to join other courses which are interesting for his/her work field. For example, some apprentices visited classes like marketing or management on the KSU campus. Others had to drive to the Marietta campus where more technical related courses such as CAD or Computer Science are hosted.

Foto 29.03.17, 13 15 18

To educate ourselves intercultural thinking and to gather information about the work life in the US we visited American companies one to three times per week.

On the 29th March we went to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. It is and venue for performing arts like operas or music acts.

Foto 29.03.17, 12 27 39

After our English and ICT classes we were picked up by a vintage school bus. All apprentices were excited because they won’t see something similar in Germany.

We arrived at the arts center after 30 minutes. There we got introduced to our guide and the tour began.

First we got a little introduction for the building. After that, the guide took us into the theater which has some really special features. As an example is the acoustic adjustable for each different event. Also an extensive light equipment is available to provide the right mood.

Foto 29.03.17, 14 24 29
Foto 29.03.17, 14 05 45

Next we went behind the scenes. We were allowed to walk over the iron frame above the theater and go through the hallways in the cellar where among other things the elevators for the movable parts of the theater are located.

Finally, we could ask questions which weren’t clear at that moment.

In the evening we went to the so called “Stammtisch” where we could talk to German students from the university.

All over it was a really great day and we are looking forward to the upcoming company visits.

Hey Y’all

released 2017/03/30 from korbinianweigl

After I arrived safely at the host-family’s home on Saturday, I had two days to prepare before my college-time started Monday.


When I entered the college’s front doors, there was a large atrium, and a welcome sign on display.

I got a detailed and interesting tour through the whole university campus. Like the name already tells us, there are a lot of different technical jobs. In every program’s lab and classroom space, I got a tour from the specific teacher.

I have already been in the local newspaper:

and also on the school homepage: .


Each morning, I took part in different college courses. I improved my welding skills in the subject “welding and joining” and learned a new drawing program that I used to turn a part in a CNC machine.

Every day, following lunch at the Crescent Café, I took part in various company tours.


Continental and Bridgestone are international tire manufacturers with locations in this region of Georgia who allowed me to visit their plants to see how they operate.

Along with the local towel producer 1888 Mills, I also had the opportunity to visit the German company Gerresheimer, which is a global partner for the pharma and healthcare industries.


I also got a guided tour in the company Quad/Graphics, which produces newspapers and catalogs and is the second biggest printing company in North America.

I want to say thank you again to Southern Crescent Technical College for my great time at the College and the different and interesting company tours. Of course also to my amazing host family, which made my first two weeks in America unforgettably!

I enjoyed the wonderful two weeks in Griffin and look forward to meet you all again.

Thanks and Best regards!

Our time at Central Georgia Tech!

released 2017/03/27 from azubijulie

Mariya, Anna-Lisa and, I had the opportunity to spend our first week at Central Georgia Technical College. The initial plan was to be two weeks at Central Georgia Technical College, but unfortunately they started spring break this week. All of us stayed at different host families but we still could share lots of great experiences together!

On Monday, we had a really nice introduction of the College and afterwards we went on with two Campus Tours in Macon and Warner Robins. There it was very fascinating to see all these different fields of study combined in one college!

Campus Tour Warner Robins

On Tuesday, we all had our courses at the college and the next day we visited a German company called Sandler. Afterwards we went to a huge Peach farm and there we tried Peach- and Pecan Ice Cream – very delicious!

Peach County Eis

On our last day, we went on a daytrip to Savanna, GA. There we had the unique opportunity to visit the port together with the Port Authority. That was very impressive! We came close to these huge vessels and also got to see so many containers at one place. Not to forget Savanna is known for its historic old buildings, so we decided to walk through the city.

On Friday, we all 12 Interns had a meeting at the German American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta. And of course we were really happy to see each other again! First of all, we were exchanging our best experiences we had so far. Then the meeting started with a short introduction of ourselves which was followed by  3 very interesting presentations full with information for our time in the United States. Finally, we had lunch together and there we had the opportunity to get in contact with all the other guests of this day. Many thanks to all involved!


Overall, it was a perfect start in the United States! It is just incredible how fast the time went through! We all want to say thank you again to Central Georgia Technical College and of course to our amazing host families, which made our first week stay great!

The first days at the KSU

released 2017/03/23 from azubianna Saturday, 18. March

city tour

As we arrived at the airport, Sabine Smith greeted us very nicely. We drove with the BOB to our hotel. After that we went out with our peerbuddies to a typical American restaurant to get to know each other. We had a lot of fun!

Sunday, 19. March

On Sunday we explored the city of Atlanta. We visited the important places from Martin Luther King Jr., and after that we went to a city district with an authentic feel since there were grafittis everywhere.

Photo by tourguide Dan Tanner

Monday, 20. March

Our first day at the Kennesaw State University! How amazing! We attended our first English course and our first intercultural training class.


Tuesday, 21. March

On Tuesday we attended two German courses in different groups. We had a lot of fun because we could tell the others facts about Germany. We found various similarities quickly.

Wednesday, 22. March

On Wednesday we visited Atlanta’s airport. We had the chance to see how an airport works. The tower was the highlight of the tour because we could get a very nice view over the airport.


 The Arrival

released 2017/03/22 from langnercaro

Cindy and I started our first full day in Atlanta with a morning worship service. The southern states are known for their intense exercising of Christian faith. So, when I noticed that our host mother (she is 22 by the way) had paused to pray before eating, I took the initiative and asked her if she would like to go to church together with Cindy and me. To say that she was enthusiastic would be an understatement.

Consequently, on Sunday morning we drove to the Atlanta Dream Center. The ADC was founded in 2003 by Pastor Paul Palmer who welcomed us friendly the second we entered the building. The ADC is also a missionary school which is active in various social issues. What really touches me is the Princess Night. Every Saturday volunteers hand roses to woman and young girls selling their bodies to survive. Through consistent outreach the ADC tries to establish trust, ultimately offering each woman an opportunity to escape prostitution.

Before the service started, a band performed self-written songs. Everyone sang along and danced. Afterwards they gave us some time to really talk to fellow men, to pray with them or just to exchange a few nice words.

For the actual service, Joe Jackson a former pro football player who even seemed to have played at the Super Bowl rose to speak. However, the real star of the show was Pastor Palmer whose words really touched me. The whole service, really, was quite emotional. Pastor Palmer even mentioned us personally during his service, ‘my dear friends from Germany’, and he even invited us for dinner next week at his place. A lot of emphasis is placed on being hospitable.


After our visit at the church we really had to eat something. Because then we went with Shanell on the biggest Granite rock of the world: ‘Stone Mountain’. This was also something for us beginners. And for the first time we did really well. We made it in 40 minutes to the summit!

We were rewarded with an amazing view over Atlanta, which you should absolutely see and this is the reason why we will come back for the laser show on April 1st. At the top, we spent half an hour to enjoy the beautiful landscape and then we went on our way back. At home, we were already expected by Ms. Holloway with a delicious dinner and ended our first day that really was packed with a lot of new impressions.



Best, Caro & Cindy


To quote Steve Harvey: ‚You gotta jump to be successful!‘released 2017/03/22 from langnercaro

The adventure beginns

released 2017/03/22 from saschamelinz

This is my report about the beginning of our American adventure. We have left the hotel by bus to go to the Munich airport which was 10 minutes away. The ride took only 10 minutes.

After our arrival at the airport we had two hours time before our flight departed. Alex was waiting impatiently for his DS160 sheet from Hamburg until  a courier brought his papers, and we all were happy about it.

Having passed through the security check, we went to our gate where we were waiting for our flight to Atlanta. However, instead of once we have been checked a second time by the security.


Finally we boarded the plain and everybody tried to find out all the cool features. The food in the plain was better than I thought.
Hopeful and excited if all of us would pass successfully the controls of the immigrant agents, we arrived at Atlanta Airport. The interview with the immigrant agent was easier than we thought, and all of us passed without problems.

After having picked up our suitcases from the baggage claim conveyor we passed through the customs control. Now the interns met their host families and the KSU students were picked up from Sabine.


Sharing a host family with Leonard and Julia, I am living in the house of Kim and Rob in the beautiful Peachtree City. Kim and Rob picked us up from the airport to their house where we have been welcome with some delicious homemade burgers. We moved to our rooms and afterwards we looked around the big house and the garden.


Houses in US are evidently bigger than the German ones and they are all made of wood, even if from outside they look like stone houses.released 2017/03/22 from saschamelinz

 Today is the day – we are flying to Atlanta!

released 2017/03/18 from 2016yk


After all visa matters have been solved, the group is at the airport in Munich and ready to fly. The whole cohort of 25 trainees already met yesterday at the airport and said goodbye to friends and family. Everybody is looking forward to an exciting stay in the USA!

The portraits of this year’s trainees (in German) can be found here: