Hard to believe but half of the time is already over and we gathered so many impressions!

The week of college at Georgia Tech was very interesting: we got to know many new topics and processes which could be very helpful in our future. Even if it was hard sometimes to understand everything we had a lot of fun because of interactive methods which brightened up the week.

Moreover I am at Norton Lilly International for my internship since already 3 weeks. The shipping company in a small office with only 9 employees had a very warm welcome for me, it rules a very nice and funny working atmosphere.

During the first days they showed me all systems and I gained my own accesses so I can work with those by my own in the next weeks. As I helped explaining shipping terms to another new colleague in the accounting department in the first week, I finally got my own tasks in the second week: I prepared the files for the vessels, created new port calls in the system and edited custom documents.

The highlights of the week are always again the visits of the vessels. 3 times I went to the port, through a different and also a little more strict gate control to the vessels. On board we made the incoming or outgoing clearance for the vessels, exchanged documents and answered last questions about the port stay or the next voyage (funfact: one of the captains was German).

Next to all this work we enjoy the beautiful weather, make trips to the nice beaches and to the great cities, watch football games and lots of more. To summarize it: we try to gain a lot of new experiences and to discover and get to know the life of America.

Let’s have 5 more interesting weeks!


USA we are coming!

This was our motto on 19.09.19 when we all met at the airport already at 05:30 am. With some tears (especially the girls) finally all of us went through the security control very excited.

The first flight started at 07:30 am together with a hue group of japanese tourists, who entertained nearly the whole plane. From loud conversations to spreading japanese sweets (also to us)- everything was present and deflected the primary wrench.

The second flight was really relaxed ( in spite of the long time) because the seats were not fully taken so that everyone had much space (Chris had a whole row (4 seats) for himself so he could sleep very comfortable). After a warm welcome from Iris and Rebecca we all drove to our hotel in Atlanta and visited the rooftop of Rebecca’s apartment-complex for relaxing and also for preparing the kick- off- event the next day!

On Friday it said: Get up early and dress up!
After an exciting, shaky MARTA-ride (subway in Atlanta) we went to our meeting in Metro Atlanta Chamber. Our group was welcomed by the director of the chamber and we heard some interesting presentations (e.g. of the vice president of Hapag Lloyd).

After that we had typical southern food for lunch together and changed our outfits because we were going to do a 3-hours touristic tour through Atlanta by foot.
With our guide Dean we hiked through big hotels with balconies inside, visited the television transmitter CNN and climbed up to the Olympia- sign to create a cool but typical touristic photo.

For a great end Iris invited us to her roof- deck to finish the evening with pizza, funny conversations and a fantastic sunset.

Kind of turbulent and informative days- we are looking forward to many more!

Stay tuned!

Antonia &  Louisa