My internship – same company – different country

Now the longest time of my internship is over and the departure is getting closer and closer. I have the luck to do my internship at Expeditors International, because I also do my apprenticeship there – only in Hamburg. The company was founded in 1979 in Seattle and operates worldwide.

Since the beginning, I have been able to gather so much experience, both privately and professionally. My company takes a lot of time to show me how logistics works and is managed in America. For example, I received my own project and was generally allowed to work independently.

My view from the office

Many people from my company have never heard of our training system and were very interested in it. The people here are all much more open-minded than in Germany. So I often went to lunch with my colleagues and had interesting conversations. I was also involved in team events, such as an escape room event.

On Halloween the whole team dressed up in the company and a costume competition took place. It was quite interesting to spend Halloween here and get to know their traditions.

Marco, Me, Samantha, KC, Cobey, Stephanie, Nicollette, Calley

In the week from 07.10. to 11.10. , the whole trainee group was at Georgia Tech University. This was also very informative and instructive. Our teacher G’Sean made the lessons very interesting. On the last day we were all able to leave the course with our certificates. This expanded our theoretical knowledge before we worked in the companies again afterwards.

In my spare time, I do a lot of things in this area. For example, I was at the Pirate Fest on Tybee-Island or the Fort Pulaski National Park. Otherwise I experience many typical American activities, such as football games. I am especially looking forward to the upcoming trip to Orlando to Universal Studios and Disneyland.

I am very happy and grateful to be able to experience this adventure and I will never forget this time. Many thanks to the Joachim Herz Foundation, which made this possible at all!

I’m looking forward to the last three weeks here in Savannah and am curious to see what else I can experience.

Many greetings from the sunny Savannah,


Back to school

In order to qualify for the course we had to work our way through a LEAP course, a kind of online course. This was scheduled for 40 hours, which we went through in the evening after work: Eight units about Supply Chain Management Principals, divided into Demand Planning, Supply Management and Procurement, Warehousing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Transportation Overview and Customer Service. 40 houirs later we all successfully completed the LEAP course and qualified for the college week.

Monday morning at 07:30 a.m.: We all met a little bit earlier to register at the secretary’s office. Then we werde accompanied to our interactive classroom, where we would spend the whole week from now on. After a small refreshment at the breakfast buffet, our course started directly. Our course leader was G’Sean Williams, who already has 20 years of professional experience in supply chain management and has completed several international deals in the field of logistics.

Monday and Tuesday were the days for quotation techniques and their processes. The bid package release process is divided into 12 steps, from requirements to supplier labeling. After we finishes class at 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday, we had a harbour tour on our program. Togehter with Iris we got a private tour through the Georgia Ports/Garden City Terminal. Savannah, in contrast to Hamburg for example has only one Terminal and thus Savannah is one of the most important and largest terminals in the U.S. The Tour was very interesting for everyone and we learned a lot of facts about the harbour. We were lucky and there were just many container vessels that werde loaded and unloaded.

Wednesday was generelly about contracts its structure and different parties. Then we talked more precisely about the terms and conditions in contracts and their different meanings. Thursday and Friday were devoted to the subject of negotiations. We discussed how these would work and what technique we could use to steer the negotioations in a desired direction. Furthermore, we examined our individual characters and their effects in negotiations.
On Friday we were divided into two negotiationg groups and got a case that we negotiated. We ended our discussion with a win-win-situation and were able to use our learning material directly.

In summary the week at the Georgia Tech was a lot of fun through interactive learning and will bring us a lot for our future.