Our second virtual meeting goes on

On Friday, March 26th.  we had our second official virtual training program. On this day we had 6 different program points on our agenda. The topics were:

 1. Georgia on My Mind… The official hymn for the State of Georgia

 2. Review of the past week: Changing Perspectives – with peer buddies

 3. Cultures have different value orientations /Different value orientations: Hofstede’s taxonomy

4. Intra-American differences

5. How a hashtag became a worldwide movement (and why)

 6. Dealing with controversy: From taking a knee in sports to controversies at Universities

For our first point of the day, we learned the history of the song “Georgia on my mind” and how it became the anthem of the state of Georgia.

Afterwards we reflected on the last week and talked about conservation with our peer buddies.

The conversations with the peer buddies are very helpful because we can also talk openly and honestly about many points and thus also have a comparison of German culture and American culture.

During the 3rd. point we learned from taxonomy that cultures have other value differences.

As an example, the assets, savings, insurance, but also the financial freedoms are.

After that we talked about the differences between the black and white population and noticed that there are big social and financial differences. We were very shocked about the discrepancies between the populations.

The biggest differences are in the insurance companies. In Germany there is one health insurance and in America only the private health insurance.

Then we learned what were the crucial points for the #blacklivesmatter movement. The quote:

 “I was born a black man, and I know one day will die a black man, but I don’t want to die because I’m a black man”, has remained especially in our memory for this reason.

In the last item on the agenda with Dr. Sabine Smith, we looked at how to deal with controversy. We looked at several examples, including one at KSU. Here 4 cheerleaders kneeled during the national anthem in support of black lives lost due to police violence.

The result was very scary and sad at the same time, because the ladies did not get any support from their school principal

In the second half of the program, our KSU peer buddies joined, and we discussed in groups of 3, what is a trust enhancer and a trust killer. Everyone was able to name their personal factors and then present them to the whole group.

Finally, we welcomed our guest speaker, Vanya Allan, she is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, educator, architecture student and awlat. For over 15 years she has used art and education as a means of self-espression; connecting with others by entertaining and sharing.

She gave a lecture, which was very informative and rousing. She told us about the topic of racism, the language of the African Americans and about the code-switching.

She has a specific role in organizing in the BLM movement, which supports African-American oppression. She also feels that Black Lives is the correct terminology and is not just for African American, but also affects all of humanity. No human being in this world deserves to be oppressed because of the color of their skin. She also spoke about her personal history that her father was a Black Panther. She also explained African American slang, code switching, etc. How Black parents have “the talk” with their children, all the time about not doing this and not saying that, etc.

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