Last but not least..

It’s hard to believe, but now 10 incredible weeks have passed and we are home again, we had wonderful memories in our luggage and made many wonderful acquaintances. Savannah became for many of us a second home. The host companies are also significantly involved in this. I completed my internship at Coastal Logistics Group (CLG), which is a logistics services provider specializing in warehousing, project freight management, packaging, paper logistics and customized solutions. Already on my first day I was warmly welcomed in the company and the respective departments. I then started in sales and had the opportunity to independently create offers and actively contact customers. In my first week I also had the opportunity to accompany the General Manager to Charleston to inspect the office there. During my internship I was often allowed to go to Charleston and had the opportunity to compare the individual warehouses, which are a total of six. In my second week I was employed in customer service and had the opportunity to accept and organize orders on my own, which corresponds to the operational side. Thanks to my experience in rail logistics, I was able to quickly develop an understanding of how the individual transport chains work and where CLG is used. After the college week, which definitely strengthened my understanding of logistics management, I returned to customer service.

During this time I also had the opportunity to take over the billing processes for a major customer on my own and to take over the inventory for that customer. The mixture of office and warehouse was unknown to me for the time being, but I had a lot of fun, so I had the opportunity to accept the goods directly and have them distributed in the warehouse according to plan. After feeling secure in the role of customer service representative, I had the opportunity to take over the entire vacation replacement for a colleague for the rest of my time, which was incredible fun and gave me more confidence in this role. Colleagues became friends, which definitely made saying goodbye more difficult

Not only did I enjoy (even with tears) the farewell of my colleagues very much, but also that of my host family, which is now a second family for Louisa and me. Together we experienced so much and had a lot of fun. Our first trip went to the mountains to North Carolina, where we watched a football game, totally American! After further trips to Florida our host family celebrated an early Thanksgiving with the extended family in honor of us, so that we also had the complete American experience. A day full of food and fun with the family will definitely remain unforgettable for us. Not only that but also the American Halloween is incredibly exciting: costume competitions in the office, tons of sweets and unusual decorations made the whole of October exciting. On the 1st of November all started with Christmas fever, everywhere played Christmas music and the suitable decoration let you almost forget Fall/October completely.

Besides work, we also tried to do some things during the week, besides some sports events, Antonia and I spontaneously went to Hilton Head Island several times. Hilton Head Island is one hour away from Savannah and a kind of Sylt of South Carolina, where the rich and beautiful meet and two German interns mingled. Beautiful sunsets and fun dinners made this place unforgettable for us.

In my last week I had the chance to visit for the last time in Charleston, where also a Thanksgiving lunch took place. I was allowed to handle the 2 hour drive with the jeep of my boss, who sat relatively relaxed in the passenger seat.

On my last day, at the request of management, I gave a presentation about my internship, my German training company and my experiences and differences to Germany. My initial nervousness was totally unjustified because the management team was completely satisfied and quote “impressed by me”! Which makes me extremely proud when you consider that, with almost two years of professional experience, I definitely have more experience than some here do: high regards for the German dual education system. After my presentation I went straight to my desk again. A short time later while making a stop in the warehouse, I got the call that I should come quickly back to the office: All my colleagues stood in the conference room with a cake and a small present and wanted to say goodbye to me!

Saturday at 08:00 o’clock in the morning we were directly dropped off at the airport, where our flight to Atlanta left at 10:00 o’clock. After a tearful and emotional farewell we are finally got through the security check. The three following flights went by very fast, so that we were able to hug our parents in Hamburg at 11:00AM on Sunday. After the traditional German meal of my mother it was nice time to spend time with my family and friends and to acclimate until Wednesday before going back to work at my German company. Many thanks to the Joachim Herz Foundation and a big thank you to Iris Schultz, who made this adventure possible for us. Serena

Hilton Head Island (after work of course)
Last minutes at home before the departure to Atlanta

PS: There is nothing to feel from the jetlag.

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