Wunderbar together – Germany and the U.S.

After a successful first week in Kennesaw with our Guest families and Host companies it took us (Chris and Marco) back to downtown Atlanta on Saturday the 28th September 2019 to represent the Joachim Herz Stiftung on a German-American Popup event.

Iris, Marco, Chris

The “ Wunderbar together / Germany and the U.S.” Popup Tour is an event to celebrate the German and American friendship and partnership with many different stops in cities all around the States. “Wunderbar together” managed to bring more than 350 Partners from all 50 States together to organize more than 2000 Events in different local communities.

Many German enterprises took part in this project and set up information booths with different activities. They expressed the importance of a partnership between Germany and the USA for a future together and a strong business and cultural relationship.

To bring a bit of German culture to the people of Atlanta, German Bratwurst and Beer was offered in the German beer tents.

For our contribution to this event Iris Schultz introduced the Joachim Herz Stiftung and the program which sends young apprentices from Germany to the USA. After that she interviewed us where we expressed our motivation for coming to the US, our first impressions here and what we would like to achieve during our stay.Also on stage were different students and interns from the US who spend time abroad in Germany.

What we noticed was that the impressions the American students had of Germany were quite similar, almost interchangeable to ours here in the US, that everyone is so friendly and open minded which speaks great lengths for both our culture and friendship.

After the dialogue on stage we set up our own booth and answered more questions to anyone who was interested in talking to us. Interestingly a lot of US teachers were present and expressed their students desire to visit Germany as an exchange student, something we would greatly appreciate.

All in all, it was a successful and interesting event shaped by nice and friendly people and conversations in the middle of big Atlanta.

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